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I watched Divergent again…

… and this time didn’t find it perplexing.

Not as many cringe-worthy moments as I seemed to remember. Almost none, in fact. Well, yeah… the obligatory “I’m so proud of you, honey” line present in every teen franchise is there and then there’s this “my mom and dad died today… ok, cool, moving on”, which I still think comes across a little dubious (how she gets over it so easily), but these aspects don’t influence my general positive impression.

What is great about this movie is that you can watch it without knowing anything about the book (like myself) and have no problems understanding what’s going on. The script is well written. Everything makes (more or less) sense. That doesn’t mean there aren’t questions left, of course. I have several of them. For example… where is the final destination of this train? Who operates it? Is Jeanine Divergent? (She regains control of her mind pretty fast.) Why is Tobias’s father such a lame jerk?

The fear landscape remains a cool concept. And the Ferris Wheel scene is probably one of my favourites (strangely romantic).

Another thing I noticed the second time around was the soundtrack. It’s pretty good actually. I got M83 vibes from one track, so I googled it and indeed - the name Anthony Gonzalez popped up among credited writers.

Anyway… it’s funny when Theo James starts speaking with his big booming voice and you expect him to be all ”bloody hell, Tris!”, but his American accent sounds quite natural

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Suspiria (1977)

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my spirit animal

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I legitimately can’t tell the difference

this is actually so rude and like super gross? like okay i get it hes not the cutest but like why would you compare him to benedict cumberbatch?

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Stepan Kolesnikov  In the mountains

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Meet The Generation Of Incredible Native American Women Fighting To Preserve Their Culture by Danielle Seewalker | Marie Claire UK

Native Americans represent just one per cent of the US population and some languages have only one speaker left. Now a new generation is fighting to preserve their culture. Meet the women leading that fight.

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